Why Do Some Guys Love Older Girls

The tendency, when a guy is dating an older girl, becomes increasingly popular nowadays. Confident, intelligent, elegant women always attract guys and spark their interest. Considering statistics, it can be seen that the average age difference between men and women is five to ten years. There is a scientific explanation for such a relationship.

Psychologists and sociologists are sure that this is not a tribute to fashion, but a phenomenon that enters our lives. Women give preference to young men for many obvious reasons: they are more open, energetic, enthusiastic, not so tired, as well as they have no divorces or children.

Reasons for Such a Choice

1.  The reason is the desire to gain experience because guys think that older women know much more. Women aged thirty and older do not worry too much about their appearance during sex; they focus on their feelings and their partner’s feelings. It is also due to genetic predispositions. Women who look good, are well-groomed, have a good figure, cause admiration in men. This is how the attraction effect works.

2.  The most common reason for a relationship between a man and an older woman is money. The stereotypes that most of the financial responsibility should be on a man are no longer relevant. Therefore, don’t be surprised when young guys make such a choice.

3.  An older woman is moderately emotional. Young girls often show emotional instability. Sometimes dramas lead to the breakup, and partners often become strangers to each other because of this. Older women have determined the basic rules of life: they clearly know what they want and prefer not to wreck their and others’ nerves. A man seeking peace will appreciate an adequate and calm woman.

4.  Older women have a richer experience in building relationships — they know better when and what should be done so that both partners are comfortable. Such a woman will not delude herself about a new guy, believing that he is perfect. She knows that everyone has their own shortcomings; therefore she will take his flaws in stride. Such a woman is ready to build a trusting relationship, so she will not waste her time trying to find out who the man has liked on the and where he has been between work and the way home.

There is a big risk that the relationship in couples where a woman is older than man won’t last long. But do not exclude the fact that partners can have real feelings, and this is exactly what caused a guy to choose an older woman.

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