Why Do Men Always Make the Same Mistakes when Choosing a Woman

Modern man is trying to succeed in many areas of life. And he knows for sure which woman should be next to him. However, women do not always correspond to his ideal. Why don’t men attract women right for them? What do they need to know to attract exactly the one they will be happy with? There are several types of couple’s compatibility. And before you call a woman your soulmate, find out as much about her life as possible and compare it with your own.

Criterions of Choice

Men are looking for their mother in all the women they meet in life. A perfect woman for any man is one that has a more or less complete set of her qualities. What he accepts in his mother, he perceives as a pro, and vice versa. An image that attracts a man consists of both external (face, figure, hair color) and internal qualities (character traits, energy, behavior — how she should behave next to him). As a rule, nothing can be done here — the image of the mother in his mind will always exist, and it is very strong.

  • Smart or beautiful?

When a man meets another woman, he, first of all, checks whether she corresponds to his preferences. If she does, he immediately falls in love with her. It works at the subconscious level. A man can assure others that he likes sexy, infantile blondes with long legs and big breasts, but if his mother was a petite brunette with a strong character, you can be sure that all his women will be just like that.

  • Searching through the whole life

A man is in eternal search. He searches for his soulmate, finds her, falls in love, builds relationships with her and becomes disappointed — he understands that she is not the one he is looking for. Therefore, he breaks up with her, is looking again, finds and breaks up with her. And it can last long, until he realizes that his search is deliberately predetermined — whatever one may say, his choice will always fall on women of the same type. However, it must be said that awareness of this fact is extremely rare.

  • Single man wants to find a woman

Actually, it is not so difficult to do. It is enough to sit down and remember all the girls you have ever had a serious relationship, and analyze: what is common between them? And it turns out that there are certain same qualities in each girl. It means that it is precisely them that he subconsciously searches for and finds in each new lady. By the way, it’s best understood when you read ads on a dating site: as a rule, these qualities are written by a potential partner — slim or chubby, blonde or brunette, tall or petite, with or without bad habits. So it takes a little effort to understand what exactly is important for this particular man.

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